Social and gender inequalities in care: childcare-related policies and parenting practices in the post-Yugoslav countries and the role of policy ideas – InCARE


The InCARE project is Marie Curie Individual Fellowship project that aims to understand childcare-related policy reforms and their effects in selected post-Yugoslav countries (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia), by putting a specific focus on parents whose entitlement to childcare-related leaves and services is weak. The project uses a comparative approach to explore how the European social investment agenda is (re-)shaping country specific policy priorities and childcare-related reforms, and affecting gender and social inequalities in access and usage of childcare-related leaves and services. The focus is on parents who are not active on the labour market or are atypically connected to employment (e.g. self-employed, marginally employed).

The study is funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship and conducted by Ivana Dobrotić at University of Oxford, Department of Social Policy and Intervention. Ivana’s supervisor for this project is Professor Mary Daly.

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